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Regulatory Consulting

Shaping the regulatory landscape through our unique expertise.
At Thebes Consultancy, we work closely with sovereign clients, international organizations, and development agencies throughout Egypt and the Arab world, spearheading legislative and regulatory reform initiatives that shape tomorrow's landscape. With extensive experience, we serve as trusted advisors in legal and institutional reform. Governments, donors, and development agencies depend on our expertise to optimize the business regulatory framework.

Our services also extend to private enterprises, where we help advocate for enhanced legislative environments. Through constructive engagement with governmental authorities, we ensure that proposed amendments align with business imperatives, crafting equitable frameworks that foster mutual benefit for all stakeholders involved.

Notable Projects

Read about our past projects and success stories.

Cashless Economy Regulation

Drafting Egypt's Cashless Payment Law No. 18 of 2019 in cooperation with the Egyptian Federation of Industries, the Union of Egyptian Banks, and the Center for International Private Enterprise.

Consumer Finance Law

Drafting Consumer Finance Law No. 18 of 2020 in collaboration with the Central Bank of Egypt and the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA).

Government Securities Central Depository Law

Drafting the Government Securities Central Depository Law No. 143 of 2020 in collaboration with the Central Bank of Egypt in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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