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Governance & Compliance

Governance and compliance excellence through our cutting-edge expertise.
In today’s dynamic business landscape and evolving regulatory requirements, compliance is not just a buzzword—it is a strategic necessity. As global markets evolve, so do the rules of engagement. Heightened governance expectations, stringent regulations, and unwavering transparency standards have become integral aspects of operational frameworks. Moreover, the risk of failure to comply with various rules, regulations, standards and, above all, legislation has become a significant one which can impact the performance as well as reputation of companies of all sizes.

With our seasoned experts at your side, you will be empowered to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape with confidence. We provide ongoing updates on the latest standards and comprehensive governance and compliance services across various sectors to help you ensure compliance excellence.

We cover compliance with governance standards, banking, capital market, insurance and other financial regulations. We also provide assistance with respect to SGS compliance, office behaviour policies (conflicts of interest, anti-harassment, whistle-blower policy, and anti-corruption). In addition, we provide compliance services with regards to standards of consumer protection, competition, anti-money laundering, and other such standards.

The service we provide includes induction on existing rules, gap analysis, responding to regulatory inquiries, providing manuals and guidelines, as well as conducting internal training.

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